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£225.00 ex VAT

Dedleg is the award winning sound bag stand.

It weighs just 740g / 1.63lbs and is made of lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre. The leg is held underneath the bag and is 58cm wide extending to 105cm from the top plate to the ground.

The XL version for taller sound recordists extends to 117cm and folds to 64cm.

The top plate is 35cm long at it’s longest , 15 cm wide and 6cm high.

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Top Plate:

Material: Aluminium
Max Length: 35cm
Max Width: 15cm
Max Depth: 6.5cm

Dedleg Weight:

740g / 1.63lbs


To support bag weight of up to 30kg.

Sizes Available:

Standard Monopod:
Material: Carbon Fibre
Min Width Horizontal: 58cm
Max height inc. top plate: 105cm

XL Monopod:
Material: Carbon Fibre
Min Width Horizontal: 64cm
Max height inc. top plate: 117cm


Nour Halawani Sound Recordist. Middle East.

“It’s one of those things that once you get used to it you can’t imagine working without it.”

Simon Hayes. Oscar and BAFTA Winning U.K. Sound Mixer.

“I have one. Absolutely excellent product.”

Rob Milner VP of Sales Trew Audio U.S.

“Impressive design and build quality.”