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Very quick,
Very easy,
Supporting sound.

In our demonstration video you’ll see just how quick and easy Dedleg is to use. Weighing just 740 grammes / 1.63lbs, Dedleg combines a very strong aluminum top plate with a lightweight carbon fibre leg, making it the ultimate robust and easy to use product for sound recordists around the world.  By attaching it to your bag’s d-rings or loops, Dedleg is able to offer you instant relief by taking all of the weight of your bag off your back and off your shoulders in a matter of seconds.

Dedleg can be easily customised to always extend to the unique height of your own bag by simply measuring, marking and adding a piece of tape.

When you want to put your bag down, Dedleg can be moved to the top of your bag, or quickly and easily removed altogether.

It’s light , it’s strong, it’s very effective and designed to give sound recordists the support they deserve.


James Nowiczewski. Australia.

“Just did my first shoot day with a Dedleg (borrowed from a colleague) – amazing. Swinging boom with a 688 and fully loaded octopack – weren’t no thing! Put my order through at 2 am as soon as I got back from the gig. It’s not cheap, but it’s very well made and designed – and one of those products that I reckon we’ve been talking about for 20 years. So glad you guys have come out with the perfect realisation of all our dreams.”

Adam Snyder. United States.

“I just wanted to write and tell you guys how much I appreciate your product. It’s changed my job for me more than any other piece of equipment I’ve bought and saved me money on those monthly chiropractor bills. On every gig I work I usually end up giving the cam op the name of it to tell other sound guys they work with, thanks!”

Reto Stamm. Switzerland.

“My Dedleg just arrived – only 24 hrs after placing my order with you yesterday. This is incredible customer service, very impressive!
Just checked it out quickly with my partially loaded bag. Works like a charm and does exactly “what it says on the tin”.
I can already see (and feel in my back) that your product will be a very valuable addition to my kit.”
"In short, this is a great product and will make an enormous difference to life on location. Its beautifully realised and reassuringly stable, but stows away with such a small profile I can forget its there when not in use, well done Dedleg!"